12 Useful and Best Car Accessories to Gift This Holiday Season

Diwali is a few months from now, which means the gift-giving season is about to come. We would like to give gifts to our friends, family, or colleagues who could use them for their car. The following list of accessories is value for money and is sure to make them excited and happy:

1) Car Organizer – Car organizers are essential to keep items like a first aid kit, sunglasses, chargers, files, mobiles, water bottles, cups, glasses medicines, trash, etc. It helps you to keep the car neat, tidy and provides a safe place for items, so nothing slides under the pedals.

2) Car Vacuum cleaner – This is a handheld high-power vacuum cleaner with 20 minutes of battery life. It is small, light, and works on 21.6 volts. It can suck crumbs and even a stray dog’s hair.

3) USB car charge – r It is a very most compact and slim car charger in an aluminium case. It’ll charge two devices at full speed with 3.5A/4A USB dual port rapid fast car charger.

4) Car steering knob – A car steering knob can be attached to the steering wheel outside rim, facing the driver, and can be rotated easily. It helps in using the steering wheel, single-handedly, and comfortably, without using much force to enable the driver to focus on other controls & also for driving it in the reverse direction or for U-turns.

5) Car perfume/fresheners – Car air freshener/perfumes are a necessity more than a luxury for vehicle owners. They emit fragrances and are typically used for small, close-knit interior-like cars. They create a blissful, fragrant environment making the ride pleasurable.

6) Car care gift pack – It gives your car a brand new look with its bodywork shampoo, super resin polish, vinyl, & rubber care, a sponge, premium synthetic auto cleaning drying cloth, extra gloss protection, clean wheels, instant tyre dressing, alloy wheel seal, interior shampoo, high- performance, ultra-low car glass polish, and finally, an aqua dry cloth.

7) Car armrest – The car armrests give occasional rest to your arms especially when you are on long drives. They can be fitted near the handbrake area and do not obstruct changing gears or using the handbrake. A central car armrest, which commonly folds away based on user preference, includes a storage compartment and sometimes even cup holders, ashtray, and USB ports.

8) Car ashtray – It is essential for your safety and also to keep your car interior clean to dispose of your cigarette butts and ash. Car ashtrays are made from heat-resistant materials and are easy to attach in the cupholder slot and keep odors at a minimum. When you lift the lid, the LEDs light up and increase the night vision for easy visual access to the ashtray.

9) Smart Key finder – Once attached to the keys, it uses your phone to find your keys or check the app to see the last status of the keys or use the button on the device to dial your phone. It even makes a noise on silent mode. It has Bluetooth connectivity and GPS locator and a battery life of 1 year.

10) Car mobile holder head-up display – It is a neat lightweight car mobile holder designed to make a smartphone operate as a head-up display. Its tinted plastic lens with a mirror coating results in crisp easy-to-grasp reflection. Hence, you can see both the road ahead and directions reflected on the lens in front of your eyes.

11) Car Steering wheel covers – A high-quality car steering wheel cover protects the steering wheel from wear and tear and ensures proper grip, especially during flat tyre cases. It also controls the temperature on the wheel and gives a comfortable driving experience in summer as well as winter. It also reduces driving fatigue.

12) Car dashboard mats – Car dashboard mats ensure sunlight protection, reduce glare, avoid heat damage, and block dirt, dust, & scratch. They make it convenient to keep your mobile phones, keys, coffee mug, sunglasses, keys, and other allied items on the dashboard, without falling.

All the above 12 accessories are useful as gifts and make driving convenient and pleasurable apart from enhancing the interior ambience of the car. They are sure to lift the holiday mood and will be liked and appreciated.

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