Mahindra Atom

Mahindra Atom EV battery capacity, variants revealed

The all-electric Atom quadricycle concept was first demonstrated at the 2018 Auto Show, and later in the near-production version at the 2020 Auto Show. It was planned to go on sale in 2020, however, due to the pandemic, development and launch preparations were pushed back.

Since then, little has been heard about the Atom quadricycle other than a couple of camouflaged sightings. While Mahindra has been tight-lipped about Atom’s technical characteristics thus far, we now have information on Atom’s versions and battery size.


  • Atom comes in four varieties and two battery capacities.
  • It is expected to be launched in the coming months.

What’s New About Mahindra Atom?

The Mahindra Atom will be offered in four different configurations – K1, K2, K3, and K4 – with the first two having a 7.4kWh battery pack and the last two having a larger 11.1kWh battery pack. The K1 and K3 are base models with lower battery capacities and lack an air conditioning system, which is available in the K2 and K4 models. The quadricycle’s peak power output is 11 horsepower.

The Atom has a wheelbase of 1,885mm and measures 2,728mm in length, 1,452mm in width, 1,576mm in height, and 1,576mm in height. The Atom is therefore close in size to the Bajaj Qute, which is also its main competitor and runs on fuel and CNG.

What precisely is the Mahindra Atom?

The Atom is a two-door, four-seater vehicle aimed primarily at the fleet segment for first- and last-mile connection. The Atom, according to Mahindra, is India’s first all-electric quadricycle. The Atom has a boxy and upright form with its wheels pushed to the corners, giving it exceptionally short overhangs. It is built on a monocoque chassis. It also gets a large glasshouse, which increases the interior area.

The Atom has a single driver’s seat in the front and a bench seat in the back that can accommodate up to three passengers. It even has air conditioning, a mobile docking station, and 4G connectivity with linked technologies, which is unusual for a quadricycle. It can even have a back entertainment screen installed.

However, specifics regarding the Atom’s range are yet unknown. When it goes on sale, the Atom will be a one-of-a-kind car in India, as there is currently nothing comparable. It will combine the conveniences and safety of a four-wheeler with the practicality of a three-wheeler.

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