Tata Nexon EV Max

Tata Nexon EV Max- range, battery, and power output: revealed

Tata Motors is due to unveil the Nexon EV Max in India today, and we’ve got our hands on the updated electric SUV’s ARAI-claimed range, battery size, charging choices, and some of the confirmed features a day before its market introduction. Read on to learn more about what Tata Motors has included in the Nexon EV Max electric SUV.

The Nexon EV Max will have an ARAI-certified range of 437 kilometers.

To be equipped with a 40.5kWh battery

You may get ventilated seats and an air purifier, among other things.

Power and battery of the Tata Nexon EV Max

While Tata Motors has certified a Nexon EV with 136 horsepower, sources say the Nexon EV Max will have 143 horsepower and 250 Nm torque, which is 14 horsepower and 5 Nm torque higher than the ordinary Nexon EV SUV.

The Nexon EV Max, as we previously reported, will have a larger battery — a 40.5kWh unit, according to our sources – which is 10kWh more than the standard Nexon EV. The boot capacity, on the other hand, is unlikely to alter, with the Nexon EV Max anticipated having the same 350-liter boot as the standard Nexon EV.

Currently, the Nexon EV can only be charged with a 3.3kWh portable charger. The Nexon EV Max, on the other hand, is slated to offer two charging options: a 3.3kWh charging system that will come standard with the car, and a more powerful 7.2kWh charging system that will cost an extra Rs 60,000-70,000. According to sources, the Nexon EV Max will take 15-16 hours to fully charge on the 3.3kWh model, while the 7.2kWh model will take only five to six hours.

The ARAI-certified range for the Tata Nexon EV is 437 kilometers

According to sources, the Nexon EV Max has been certified by testing body ARAI for a range of 437 kilometers, which is more than 100 kilometers longer than the normal Nexon EV, which has a range of 312 kilometers under test conditions. However, in our real-world range test, the Nexon EV covered 208 kilometers, and we estimate the Nexon EV Max to cover roughly 300 kilometers.

Tata Nexon EV Max will be available in two models, each with additional features

The Nexon EV Max will be available in two versions: XZ+ and XZ+ Lux. In terms of features, it will include a vast list of extras not seen on the ordinary Nexon EV. These include, among other things, an illuminated gear knob with park mode, an air purifier, wireless charging, hill hold aid, ESP, and cooled seats. There will be few variances in the paint colors available, with some selections being reserved exclusively for the Nexon EV Max.

Expected cost and delivery dates for the Tata Nexon EV Max

The Nexon EV Max has begun shipping in stages, with deliveries expected to begin in late May or early June. In terms of cost, the Nexon EV Max is expected to start at roughly Rs 20 lakh (on-road) in most cities. The Nexon EV Max will still be cheaper than its closest competitor, the MG ZS EV, which begins at Rs 24.23 lakh (on-road) and has a more powerful 176hp motor and a 50.3kWh battery.

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