Toyota has officially unveiled the all-new Crown crossover

Toyota has transformed the Crown, one of its most opulent models, into a full-fledged crossover after doing the same with the Corolla, which is perhaps its most popular nameplate. However, the all-new Crown won’t just be a crossover; four different body variants will be available. On that, however, later. We concentrate on the new Toyota model for the time being.


The design of the Crown crossover is really futuristic. It has an aggressive-looking front clip that is emphasized by a light bar that spans the width of the front fascia and lines the hood. There are two chic, swept-back headlamps, and a large mesh grille is located beneath them. Along with the black trim on the doors, thin, black plastic claddings give the appearance of being robust. A sweeping C-pillar with an equally futuristic liftgate is located at the back. The taillight spans the width of the car and is placed on either side of the Toyota emblem.


The crossover’s interior is quite as opulent as the Crown brand promises. The cabin is covered in an abundance of leather. The tiller has the Crown badge engraved on it, and the entire dash has a very contemporary look and feel. The possibilities for this leather-covered cabin’s specification include both light and dark colour schemes. Toyota claims that there are a total of 12 body colour and 4 interior colour combinations available.

The new Crown crossover is offered with two engine configurations. The first is a 2.4-liter turbo-hybrid system, which for the first time in any model, combines a four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine with the most recent eAxle electric powertrain and a new bipolar nickel-hydrogen battery.

Driving experience:

While this is going on, the second powerplant is a 2.5-liter Series Parallel Hybrid System with the same battery. This one allegedly boasts silence, smooth driving performance, and fuel efficiency that leads its class.

Along with the most recent Toyota Safety Sense package, the 2019 Crown also has an advanced drive and advanced park automatic features. There will be four variations of this new Crown, as was already revealed. There will also be a Crown Sport, Crown Sedan, and Crown Estate in addition to this crossover. Although the exact date of their launch is yet unknown, they will all be available within the next 18 months

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