winter car accessories for safe driving

What are some winter car accessories for safe driving?

Some people believe that all you need to drive a car is a full tank of fuel and your keys. Sure, you can get away with being unprepared on occasion, but not in the cold. Winter driving is more difficult than usual due to factors such as snow, ice, and cold temperatures.

Every work is made simpler with the correct accessory, and winter driving is no exception. Being adequately prepared with the right equipment may make a tremendous difference when it comes to bad road conditions and chilly temperatures (and everything else the winter season throws at you).

We’ve gathered some useful goods to aid you with your winter car accessories buying list.

  1. Wiper blades and winter floor mats

Winter floor mats keep your car floor cleaner and limit the amount of moisture absorbed by the carpeting when snow, rain, slush, and salt are trekked in and out of your car. The dealership should have a pair for your vehicle, but there you can also by customized ones

In comparison to the typical skeleton/metal frame wiper blade, the winter blades are engineered to help lift snow off your windshield. Using a one-piece “beam” wiper blade can also be a good option because they’re more robust and have a lower danger of freezing.

  1. Ice scraper and snow brush

Yes, it should go without saying, but different-sized cars require different-sized snow brushes. In comparison to a mid-sized crossover, a normal, non-telescopic snow brush makes it easier to clear snow from the roof of a small car. There are numerous alternatives for you to choose the snow brush that allows you to gently clear all of the snow off your entire vehicle, including tilting, extending, built-in ice scrapers, ergonomic handles, and more.

Although most snow brushes feature an integrated ice scraper, it’s a good idea to keep a backup standalone ice scraper on hand in case it breaks while in use.

  1. Jumper cables 

These are useful to carry in your car at all times, especially during the winter when you or another driver may require assistance. Yes, roadside assistance services are useful, but with jumper wires, you can go on your way faster or provide a helping hand to someone who doesn’t have one.

You should always be prepared with a smart emergency kit that includes a warm blanket, hand warmers, a flashlight, a torque water, non-perishable food, a rain poncho, road flares, candles, waterproof matches, and a reflective vest, regardless of what kind of car you’re driving.

  1. Basic tools and a first-aid kit

You should include a first aid kit in addition to an emergency kit, albeit your individual supply list may be fairly long. Basics like bandaids, gauze, hand sanitizer, scissors, ibuprofen, tweezers, and rubbing alcohol should be included at the least, but don’t stop there. If you’re unsure which kit to acquire, go with a larger one with more contents just to be cautious.

Having a basic tool kit on hand is always a smart idea; a screwdriver, hammer, pliers, wrench, and wire cutters are all useful to have on hand.

  1. De-icer and a remote starter

If you need a little extra traction to get freed from the snow or ice, non-clumping kitty litter is a cheap and effective option. 

Most new vehicles come with a built-in remote starter, but your local dealer can install one for older or used vehicles. Before you buy a remote starter, make sure it works with your vehicle.

Using physical force on your windshield, door handles, doors, trunk, or glass will almost certainly result in anything shattering. Keep some de-icer in your car and save your hulk-like power for when you get home to open the pickle jar.

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