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What are the essential car accessories for long route traveling purposes?

With the holiday season and new year around, everyone has planned some trips to a beautiful location to spend some time with family and loved ones. Road trips are the best way to have fun, but sometimes, some experiences might destroy the mood. 

You don’t want a ruined new year due to flat tyres, or car issues. With the right equipment and car accessories, you might have all the convenience and no worries. There are certain accessories that are true rescuers and serve as add ons. There are some other accessories that are a must-have, especially for long route traveling.

Here is a list of some essential car accessories online in India, typically for long routes:

  1. Puncture Repair Kit:

Flat tyres are an issue that causes a lot of inconveniences and comes without a warning while traveling. It is always a smart decision to be prepared for it. This makes a puncture-repair kit must-have accessories for cars. It also contains a manual to guide you on how to repair your tyre, which has a lot of conveniences.  It helps to repair punctures on a tubeless tyre without having a bolt or spare wheel. A good puncture repair comprises a spiral tool, an inserting tool, a strip of puncture seals, a tube of rubber cement, and a sharp blade. Next time you are looking for a puncture repair kit, look for the following equipment.

  1. USB Charger:

Although power banks are quite popular these days, still they may also run out of battery, and leave your mobile switched off, this is not something you should face while traveling on long routes. A USB charger is a handy device to keep your phone charged. The device adds a lot of conveniences, as it easily fits in the car socket and charges your phone while you are driving. There are multiple USB Chargers available in the market that come with the Fast Charging feature and can charge all devices (iPad, Mobile phone, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras). 

Features to look for in a USB Charger:

  1. Dual Port: Two ports give maximum current that charges your device faster(Depending on your device)
  2. Your USB Charger should be compatible with all the devices
  3. It should be safe to use, i.e. it should support multiple built-in voltage regulators to protect your device against overcurrent and overheating. 

3.  Reverse parking kit:

Car Parking is an essential skill, and this device makes it so effortless. A rear-vision camera helps you park your car conveniently. A reverse parking kit consists of Rear View Screen, Parking Assist Sensor, And Rear Parking Camera. This device gives you a full view of what’s at the back so that you don’t bump your car into a pole or tree. It also alerts you when something is in the way. The rear vision camera with night vision might be your long trip’s best friend when it comes to the best auto accessories. 

What to look for while buying a reverse parking kit:

  1. Rearview widescreen high-resolution screen: It helps you to get a clear view and ensures a high-quality image even at night. 
  2. Easy installation
  3. Barrier-free vision
  4. HD and video supporting 

4. Car Cell phone holder:

You don’t want to get lost in unknown routes and all cars don’t come with an inbuilt navigation system. A car cell phone holder also known as mount mobile holder assists you in placing your smartphone in a comfortable position on your dashboard so that you can navigate without any problem, and easily find the right route. If you are on a long trip, where you are not sure about the routes, this accessory is great. 

A long road trip should be planned responsibly and should be focused on fun and games rather than mess and stains. All the automobile accessories mentioned come in handy. So make sure you get them before your trip and have a safe trip.

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