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Hero Electric Flash – Price, Images, Specs & Mileage

Hero MotoCorp has been synonymous with quality in India. This position has taken many years to obtain, and Hero continues to enjoy the trust of its customers. Hero has always delivered on the audience’s expectations, whether it’s conventional commuter bikes, tough sports vehicles, or scooters aimed at beginner riders. The Hero Electric Flash is a scooter designed for novice riders, housewives, and senior persons. Hero Electric Flash is an entry-level electric scooter that promotes the Go-Green movement by providing dependable transportation that can easily skim across the uneven spots of rural trails or city asphalt.

Hero Electric Flash: Everything You Need to Know

The Hero Flash Electric scooter has no competitors in the Indian market because of its low price. Its design, engine, and capabilities appeal to those who want to take things slowly and have a preconceived notion about speeding. The Hero Flash Electric comes in two different models: Flash LX and Flash LX+ (VRLA). As a result, color choices are limited to Red, Silver, and White. In addition, the price varies depending on whether it is a Lead Acid or a Lithium-ion battery. The Hero Electric Flash on-road price, of course, varies from city to city, as shown in the table below.

Hero Electric Flash Price Variations in Metro Cities

CityEx-showroom Price (INR)On-road Price (INR)

Engine, Power, and Performance

As the name implies, the Hero Electric Flash is an e-scooter powered by a 250 Watt BLDC Hub motor and a 48-volt 20 Ah VRLA battery pack. Automatic transmission is included in the Hero Electric Flash, which is now standard in electric vehicles. The battery may be fully charged in as little as 6 hours, with a guaranteed riding range of more than 55 kilometers. The motor, on the other hand, isn’t that powerful. The electric Flash scooter has a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour. That’s all there is to it, and the target audience is fine with it anyway. The engine is also protected from short-circuit-related problems, which prevents it from breaking down in the middle of the road.


Electric Flash, the hero, has a fundamental outlook. People are still comfortable with Hero’s flagship logo because of its performance and reliability, which it maintains to the best of its abilities. Electric Flash is a lightweight commuter scooter designed for beginners. It has a curb weight of 87 kgs, making it ideal for first-time riders. With a 170 mm ground clearance, the Electric Flash is easy to control and turn, increasing the confidence of rookie riders.

Aside from the under-seat storage, it also has a luggage box, which adds to the convenience. The front has a simple style, with a halogen bulb acting as a headlight, contributing to its simplicity. The indicators, on the other hand, are carved into the handlebars, which contributes to Hero Electric Flash’s overall attractiveness while not jeopardizing ease of handling.

Braking & Safety

In terms of safety, the Hero Electric Flash is a champion. It comes with a central braking system, tubed tires, and front and rear drum brakes. As a result, Hero takes extra precautions to ensure the safety of their signature electric scooter. Both wheels have Telescopic Fork suspension and are 12 inches in diameter. Drum brakes perform what they’re supposed to do. It has all of the safety features that a good electric scooter should have, like alloy wheels and crash protectors. A stress-free riding experience ensures the best possible handling. It’s the ideal scooter for going short distances and doing common chores in small towns, and Hero MotoCorp’s quality assurance adds to its overall appeal.

Features and Specifications of Hero Electric Flush

The Hero Electric Flash is covered by a three-year manufacturer’s guarantee that covers both the battery and the motor. A driver’s license or car registration is not required for this scooter. It does not, however, feature a self-start button. So, how do you get the engine started? So, keep the clutch engaged and accelerate. It may take a few days to get used to this, but it has no bearing on Hero Electric Flash’s popularity across the country. The self-start button has been replaced by a USB charging port. Extra repository space is available in the front and under the seats. The instrument cluster is rather basic, consisting of a computerized speedometer, trip meter, and battery indicator. There is an LED headlight, and the tail light is bulb-variant.

It just displays the most basic of fundamental features, and by doing so, it has won the hearts of many, as evidenced by the sales figures.


The Hero Electric Flash epitomizes the term “comfort scooter.” Its battery is detachable, making it portable — the term “running low on battery” will almost never be heard in the digital instrument cluster. Furthermore, the addition of a USB connector makes it even more appealing, as it allows lightweight electrical gadgets such as phones or tablets to be charged when away from home. Overall, this scooter more than pays for itself over time.

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