Top 5 Tata Electric Vehicle Concepts in Discussion

Concept vehicles are used by automakers to showcase their latest innovations and upcoming models to the general public. Even though there have been no major automotive shows since the pandemic, automakers are continuously revealing new designs, the majority of which are electric vehicles. Tata has unveiled two new electric vehicle ideas that will go into production. Unlike the present Tata EVs, which are based on the Gen1 platform, these new vehicles will be built on the firm’s new Gen2 and Gen3 EV designs.

This got us thinking: when might we expect the Tata EV to debut in showrooms?

 Here are our top five recommendations:

1. Tata Altroz A

The Altroz hatchback was first shown in pure electric form in 2019 and later in the near-production form in 2020. It will be built on the Gen1 platform because it is an electrified version of a combustion engine car (like the Nexon EV). As a result, it is expected to have a claimed range of roughly 400 kilometers, which should convert to a real-world range of around 300 kilometers. Only a few visual tweaks would separate the Altroz EV from its ICE counterpart.

2. Tata Concept Curvv

The coupe roofline is the most distinguishing aspect of the Curvv electric SUV’s design. The Curvv’s true distinguishing feature is its Gen2 architecture beneath the skin. It will be the first Tata car to be built on this electric vehicle-focused platform, which has a range of up to 500 kilometers. Automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control are expected to be included in the Curvv EV. The MG ZS EV and Hyundai Kona Electric will be their main competitors. By 2024, Tata expects to develop a production-ready Curvv.

3. Tata Avinya Concept

The Avinya is Tata’s newest and most luxurious electric vehicle concept. It’s built on the Gen3 platform, which is designed specifically for electric vehicles. Tata’s plans for worldwide EVs are represented by the Avinya, which will emphasize providing maximum inside space from any given proportions. Its range goal is a minimum certifiable figure of 500 kilometers, with a battery charge time of fewer than 30 minutes. By 2025, the Avinya will be available as a production vehicle.

4. Tata Sierra Concept

The Sierra electric SUV, which was unveiled at the 2020 Auto Show, was another exciting Tata idea. It’s a 4.1-meter-long design that’s based on the ALFA architecture, which also supports the Altroz and Punch. While the Harrier’s outward design language was obvious, the interior was rather futuristic. Even in a world where there are so many SUVs, the Sierra EV Concept boasts distinctive design features. If built, it would most likely have a stated range of over 400 kilometers and be based on the Gen2 architecture.

5. Tata E-Vision Concept

This is the oldest concept on the list and the only one that has been publicly revealed. The E-Vision concept made its debut at the 2018 Geneva auto show, impressing many with its premium appearance, which was light years ahead of Tata’s product lineup at the time. It’s a concept electric sedan based on a tweaked version of the OMEGA architecture that underlies the Harrier. Tata only stated at the time that the E-Vision might be fitted with ADAS, connected car technology, and an electric engine capable of going from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in under seven seconds. A production-spec E-Vision with a range of up to 500 kilometers would be a compelling worldwide proposition.

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