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4 Cleaning tips to make your car look brand new

Cleaning your car both inside and out is an important part of car maintenance. It’s no surprise that everyone’s favorite property is their car, yet many people are unwilling to put up the effort to clean it. This causes a slew of problems that can harm your car in the long run and detract from its aesthetic appeal. However, it is a lie that you must spend a lot of money on things like car washes and pressure washing to keep your car clean. Small efforts and having auto-cleaning equipment on hand can help. So, without further ado, here are some suggestions for keeping your car looking brand new:

1. Skip Dish Soaps

Dish liquid or soap is designed to clean dishes, not cars. Instead, use vehicle shampoos that are gentle on your car’s surface while also protecting its paint. There is also a wide choice of car shampoos available at various price points. So you won’t have to worry about blowing your budget on anything.

2. Use a micro-fiber cleaning duster

Do you ever feel like your automobile is covered in marks after a wash? This is due to the fact that it is not totally dried. A microfiber cleaning duster is a perfect tool for the job. Because of its thick strands, it is kind of like your car’s paint and reduces the chance of scratches. You can also carry a microfiber cleaning duster in your car to clean the interior. For your car, MotorHunk has a wide selection of microfiber dusters.

3. Try waxing or polishing your car

It is not enough to wash and clean your car before applying a coat of wax. Motorhunk offers a variety of auto waxes and polishes that add luster to both the outside and interior of your vehicle. For your car, there are various types of wax and polish; choose the one that best suits your needs. Additionally, car wax or shine will enhance the color of your vehicle and prevent dullness.

4. Use a good-quality car washer

Car washing is a delicate operation that not everyone can perform. Additionally, getting it done from the outside can be costly. This is why it is necessary to purchase a high-quality car pressure washer. It is a one-time purchase that will relieve you of the hassle of manually washing your car. In addition, cleaning your automobile in a few minutes is an effective way to avoid scratches and unintended marks. MotorHunk produces fantastic automobile pressure washers that can make car washing at home a lot of fun.


It’s no surprise if you have trouble cleaning or maintaining the cleanliness of your vehicle. The tips listed above will assist you in resolving your car’s cleanliness difficulties. Additionally, the materials required for cleaning and maintaining your vehicle are all available at affordable prices at the MototHunk car acce

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