A Guide to Best Car Mobile Accessories

A Guide to Best Car Mobile Accessories

Combining your cars with technology has never been easier before. Apple Car Play and Android had served a lot to that purpose. You can not deny that you drive with your phones. Enhance your experience by keeping some phone accessories handy, ranging from entertainment to emergency backups.

Here are the top 4 from our list:

1. Car Cell phone holder

A car cell phone holder, also known as a mount mobile holder, allows you to place your smartphone in a convenient location on your dashboard so that you can explore with ease and choose the best path. This item is ideal if you are on a lengthy journey and are unsure of the routes.

2. USB Charger

Although power banks are very common these days, they may run out of battery and turn your phone off; this is not something you should have to deal with while traveling long distances. A USB charger is a useful tool for keeping your phone charged. The item is quite convenient because it fits simply into a car plug and charges your phone while you are driving. There are a variety of USB chargers on the market that have the Fast Charging capability that can charge all types of gadgets (iPad, Mobile phones, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras).

3. Spare Charging Cables

Of course, you can’t charge your gadget if you don’t have a charging cable! In your car, you should always have at least one spare phone cable. You’ll be able to charge your smartphone even if your primary one fails.

If you have a spare room, you should also keep a variety of cords on hand. If you have an iPhone, for example, keep a micro USB cable and a USB-C cable on hand. You may never need them, but they could come in handy if a friend’s battery dies.

4. Bluetooth Device

You don’t need this one if you have a newer car. However, anyone without Bluetooth incorporated into their vehicle should invest in a Bluetooth radio adapter. These devices connect to your phone via Bluetooth and plug into the lighter/power connector in your car. You can play media from your phone over your car’s speakers if you tune them to an unused radio station.

You’ll wonder how you ever got along with the radio after listening to your favorite music streaming service in the car. A screen on the model below provides call and song information. It even includes a USB connector on the front for charging your device.

GPS Navigation device

The GPS Navigation Device aids in the navigation of paths and routes. These are phone-connected LED screens placed in your car. It comes standard with a 5-inch display, speech recognition, and a touch screen interface. GPS navigation devices cost somewhere between Rs.2000 and Rs.35000. This is a must-have automotive accessory for anyone who enjoys venturing into unfamiliar territory.

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