MG compact EV interior revealed; India launch by June 2023

The compact mass-market EV from MG Motor India is about to hit our market. We can now confirm that the brand-new MG EV for India will go on sale in the first half of 2023, with a possible debut at the January 2023 Auto Expo. It was recently sighted testing in Gujarat. We reveal the projected feature list and range options for the compact MG EV that is headed to India, as well as the first images of the vehicle.


  • Two range options for the MG small EV are anticipated.
  • Will launch by June 2023
  • Loaded a tonne of features and technology

Dual 10.25-inch screens are included in the MG small EV for India

Even though the popular (and even smaller) Wuling Honguang EV sold in China has an interior layout that is relatively comparable, the Wuling Air EV seen in these photos, in right-hand form, has a lot more equipment. The car is anticipated to be sold in Indonesia and may resemble the one coming here in significant part, however, it may have a different market name and MG branding. These photos reveal the dual-tone inside of the little MG EV, which is headed for India. Lighter colors are utilized widely throughout the interior. The twin 10.25-inch screens that are placed side by side and display information about the car are the interior’s focal point. The screen is immediately below two horizontally positioned AC vents that have three spherical knobs for HVAC controls.

The steering wheel is a two-spoke design with a circular boss and two separate control sets on either side that are both finished in silver. These control sets include controls for the infotainment system’s voice commands, audio, and navigation, among other things. White and grey finishes are used for the door pads, dashboard, and seats.

Although the cabin can only fit four people, it appears to be roomy in the photographs. The rear seats appear to have been pushed back to create additional legroom, but this left almost no room for cargo. The gear selector, electronic parking brake, and power window buttons are all located on the center console, which does not extend to the dashboard because there isn’t a transmission tunnel to cover it. It also offers some storage space. The switchgear, which has a silver finish, resembles that found on more recent Mercedes-Benz cars.

Two range options for the MG Wuling Air EV are anticipated

The model that will be sold in Indonesia will have two available ranges, and it is anticipated that India will do the same. The Wuling Air EV’s basic range model is expected to have a range of 200 km, while the extended-range variant is expected to have a range of 300 km. It will compete against the fleet-only Tata X-Press T EV, which has a range of 165 km, on the low end, and the Tigor EV, which is marketed to the general public and has a range of 306 km.

According to our sources, the Wuling Air EV is driven by a single motor setup with two power options—30kW and 50kW—and is stored in a lithium-iron-phosphate battery. Tata AutoComp, which has a joint venture with Chinese battery provider Gotion for the design, manufacturing, supply, and servicing of battery packs in India, would provide a locally sourced battery pack for this upcoming MG EV. Additionally, it will use LFP cells, which are comparable to those found on the well-known Nexon EV offered here.

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